Archives for April, 2005

Instructions for installing openoffice 2.0 beta on debian

Openoffice 2.0 beta was recently released. Openoffice 2.0 comprises a huge leap from openoffice 1.4. See for what is new in version 2.0 However, for some stupid reason, openoffice releases binaries only for Redhat. Other distributions, including debian, are expected to include the latest version of openoffice in their distributions. Depending on their policies […]

Managing bash history

Here is a neat piece on how to manage bash history. Deals with simple and useful tricks like preventing bash history from recording duplicate commands. Source: With due acknowledgemets to the author (Jason Bechtel), I am reproducing the piece for benefit of readers. ************************* Using Bash’s History Effectively I will attempt here to focus […]

Issues related to screen resolution, video driver

One often encounters problems related to choice of video driver when installing Debian. You often find that you cannot set the screen resolutions to your taste. To correct these problems, you need to edit the XF86Config-4 file. On my system this file resides in /etc/X11. For most recent intel motherboards (including 865 and 915), the […]

Shifted to Debian Woody

Hi. Sorry for not being online for some time. Been busy with work and home. The big news is that I shifted to Debian sarge about two months back. Debian is the granddad of all linux distributions. It is strictly FREE and is a result of, almost entirely, voluntary work. It is also one large […]