Archives for July, 2004

Another problem that I have not managed to fix

I want to use a dot matrix printer (epson lx 300) with openoffice. The quality of printout is really poor and I simply cannot get openoffice to give me the kind of prints I got with microsoft office. Vikas

Shutdown option in KDE

I have been using KDE instead of gnome. Simply because I like the graphics design of KDE more than that of gnome. But there is this one silly lacunae in KDE. It does not allow the user to shutdown without logging out. Shutting down the machine is therefore a two step process. You first log-out […]

Problems that remain.

Let us see. Following things still require me to boot the machine in WinXP mode. 1. When I have to open one of the old MS-ACCESS databases. Or when someone sends me an ACCESS file. It seems openoffice (with mysql backend) can do almost everything that ACCESS did (and perhaps much better than ACCESS). But […]

Mounting Fat32 drives

I still have winxp on my machine. It is installed on an NTFS drive. But there is another Fat32 drive where I keep all my data. That drive can be accessed from both windows (obviously) and from linux. Yes. That is one of the best things that has happenned. I keep all my data on […]

Experimenting with linux

I am one of those millions of people who at some stage got fed up with Microsoft, decided to take the plunge and shift to linux. I installed redhat 9 on my Compaq PIV box. Had to upgrade RAM from 128 MB to 256 MB. That was not so nice. I was somewhat surprised to […]