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A little trick in reading data

Census 1991 Primary Census Abstract files use a variable which is an 18 digit string. The string is a code that comprises codes for district, tehsil, block, panchayat and village. The village and town directories, however, give data for each village where villages are identified by three variables that capture the same codes for district, […]

Installation issues

I see that a lot of people are having trouble with installation of ESS and Emacs on windows machines. Please go through John Fox’s article on installation. Fox uses Xemacs instead of emacs. The difference between emacs and xemacs is not of much consequence for the moment. Other than this difference, John Fox’s article is […]

R-help mailing list

Subscription to the R-help mailing list is a must. You can subscribe by either going to the website or by sending an e-mail to with “help” (without quotes) as the subject. Please enrol, read the posts, and use it to find answers to your problems. If you have not used mailing list before, have […]


I will record useful snippets of code in R, the open source release of S programming language, on V. under the category GNU-R. The main intended users of these are the students of a course on econometrics I teach at the Centre for Economic Studies and Planning. In the long run, I hope it will […]