Problems that remain.

· Linux

Let us see. Following things still require me to boot the machine in WinXP mode.

1. When I have to open one of the old MS-ACCESS databases. Or when someone sends me an ACCESS file.

It seems openoffice (with mysql backend) can do almost everything that ACCESS did (and perhaps much better than ACCESS). But the problem is that most of my friends are still using Windows and work with ACCESS.

2. For my econometric/statistical applications. I used to use SAS, which my workplace provided. SAS has no linux version (they don’t like this whole free software business). Recently the guys in office decided to dump SAS (which is enormously expensive) and shift to SPSS (which is also pretty expensive, though not as much as SAS). But given that most users here work on windows, they have stuck to the windows version of SPSS. I don’t even know if it has a linux version. But SPSS is really dumb and I don’t want to use it in any case. An alternative is to use something called R (which is free), STATA or GAUSS (both are not free). STATA is relatively inexpensive. But to use a free software is always a good idea. So I want to see if R can suffice for my needs. But none of these packages have the powerful database management capability that SAS had. So I would perhaps need to combine R with MySQL and Perl. Will have to figure those out as well.

3. K3B, the CD-writer, still gives trouble every now and then.

4. Wine was a smart thing. Looked like a solution to the problem in item 1. But I could not install internet explorer on it. Tried various methods described by people (see But none worked. And MS-ACCESS will not run on linux without internet explorer.

So that is where I am at the moment. Let us see how long does it take to figure some of these things out.

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