Experimenting with linux

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I am one of those millions of people who at some stage got fed up with Microsoft, decided to take the plunge and shift to linux. I installed redhat 9 on my Compaq PIV box.

Had to upgrade RAM from 128 MB to 256 MB. That was not so nice. I was somewhat surprised to find that linux needed so much RAM to be as fast as winxp (Winxp was still perhaps a bit faster). And I had to put an SDRAM card because that is what my box would take. This meant a lot of money.

But since then, I have had no problems that would require me to spend any money.

Having reached this stage, I started struggling with setting up the machine to suit my needs, getting the software in place, and so on. Most of it is done. So I am up and going as far as the routine tasks are concerned.

There are a few major things left though and I hope I shall be confronting those over the next few days/weeks/months.

I plan to use this blog to record various problems that I encountered while setting up my linux box and how I solved them. That would perhaps be of some use to others who are in the same situation. I shall also keep recording progress in respect of the things that still trouble. Let us see where that takes us.

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